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Holding Congress accountable

Jan 9, 2013
If competitive elections are the backbone of our democratic republic, U.S. House elections are the snails: no vertebrae, only a hard, protective shell of their own making. More than 80 percent of members are safe within the shell of one-party districts where they’re never tested by a challenge from the opposing party, and they rarely face a serious primary challenge. READ MORE...


One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party
Paul Kane
The Washington Post
Mar 7, 2012
In two Ohio congressional primaries Tuesday, a Texas-based group spent almost $190,000 supporting a pair of candidates who could not be more different: a tea party conservative and a liberal icon, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio). READ MORE...


‘Super PAC’ Increasing Congress’s Sense of Insecurity
Jennifer Steinhauer and Jonathan Weisman
The New York Times
Mar 8, 2012

WASHINGTON — Representative Jean Schmidt of Ohio never had it easy.
Since her first House race, in 2005, Ms. Schmidt, a Republican, had endured tough primaries and had vexed members of both parties here more than once. Yet she was expected to prevail again on Tuesday and overcome a primary challenge from Brad Wenstrup, a doctor and Iraq war veteran who has never held political office. READ MORE...

Super PAC targets congressional incumbents
Fredreka Schouten and Gregory Korte
USA Today
Feb 13, 2012

WASHINGTON – Leaders of a new $1.8 million non-partisan super PAC say they're out to level the playing field against entrenched incumbents in Congress through a novel strategy: targeting them in primary elections. READ MORE...


This Texas "Anarchist" GOPer Is Taking Out Incumbents
Tim Murphy
Mother Jones
Mar 8, 2012

Leo Linbeck III

If you're a deep-pocketed political donor, contributing vast sums of money to advance your own ideology is just what you do. Pouring money into TV ads and get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of politicians you thoroughly and completely disagree with? Not so much. READ MORE...


New 'Super PAC' Takes Aim at Incumbents
Alicia Mundy & Douglas Belkin
The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Mar 18, 2012

The leaders of the Campaign for Primary Accountability, a new political-action committee that is roiling House primaries across the country, are conservative and mostly Republican. But the heartburn they have been causing is bipartisan. READ MORE...


Super PAC targets incumbents of any stripe
Paul Kane
The Washington Post
Jun 18, 2012

Houston — Until three weeks ago, Leo Linbeck III had never voted in a primary election. “I’m the perfect example of a clueless buffoon,” he said. READ MORE...


Learning to Love the Super PAC
Josh Kraushaar
National Journal
Mar 13, 2012

Unlimited outside money may actually be the cure, not the cause, for uncompetitive congressional races. READ MORE...


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