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It’s time to hold Congress accountable.


It’s time to be heard. Join the movement. Sign the primary pledge.

90% of Americans disapprove of Congress, yet nearly 100% of Congress is re-elected every two years.

Why? Because only one out of ten voters participate in primary elections, even though primaries are more important than general elections. About 85% of U.S. House districts are not competitive in the general election, which means the winner of the general is determined in the primary.

Make a difference and help hold Congress accountable by voting in your primary election. Join the movement and sign the Primary Pledge.

Over 140,000 Americans have taken the Primary Pledge. How about you?

I hereby pledge to hold Congress accountable by voting when it really counts: in the Congressional Primary Election.

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I pledged to vote for Campaign for Primary Accountability
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Time to force these predatory so called public servants to live by the same rules and laws they propose and pass for the rest of us peons, like the atrocious Affordable Care Act . Let them experience the befuddled devious tomfoolery they foisted on the rest of the nation.Let them have policies cancelled , premiums and deductibles rise to ridiculous levels, have them lose a valued doctor or be denied or made to wait for care like the veterans who died after having defended the nation. Time for chickens to come home to roost. Time for the predators to get off the government tit and actually contribute something other than bait n switch devious aggrandizement. Let the predators experience the fear of being preyed on , and let the administrative bullys be bullied by those they're supposed to serve.
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I pledged to vote for Campaign for Primary Accountability
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This is exactly what the American public needs! Public service shouldn't be such a lucrative career path at the expense of the country's well being. All of us regular working citizens would have been fired long ago for such pathetic approval ratings.

The success of this movement heavily depends on getting the facts to the working class, so they can begin to empower their votes. They don't have the luxury of information beyond a sound bite or headline. It's up to those of us who know the sad truth coming from Capitol Hill to shoulder the burden of getting facts in the hands of those who are too busy working multiple jobs, raising families, and stressing about paying bills.

Ironically, in this case, technology is the sledgehammer to a problem that requires a chisel. People stuck in poverty don't have access to all the internet provides, let alone knows which sources to trust.

Maybe it's as simple as putting actual fact flyers under their wipers or in their hands. Maybe they need us fact farmers to stand outside a popular restaurant or bus stop to hand out fact sheets to read during their commutes. The solution could be a simple organic one.

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I pledged to vote for Campaign for Primary Accountability
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I am running against incumbent Lamar Smith in Texas District 21
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