Spencer Bachus in the Hot Seat

Who’s in the HOT SEAT?

Spencer Bachus - Alabama 6

Spencer Bachus has been clinging to his seat tighter than a tick for 22 years. His district takes in the Birmingham suburbs and central Alabama, but the way Spencer Bachus sees it, he really represents Wall Street



Spencer’s taken advantage of his position on the House Financial Services Committee to buy and sell stock options coinciding with major policy announcements and industries with business before his congressional committee. He sold short after a closed door briefing on the impending financial meltdown in 2008. Congress had to rewrite the rules on insider trading after that stunt.

Following the meltdown, Spencer voted to bail out his Wall Street banker friends with your taxpayer dollars, the same bankers who give him millions of dollars in campaign contributions. The same bankers that drove Birmingham and Jefferson County into bankruptcy with a crooked bond deal.

When November rolls around, Spencer doesn’t need to campaign – he’s usually re-elected with 95% of the vote. That’s when he has a challenger at all.

But in 2012, the party almost ended for Bachus, thanks to a primary challenger and CPA. Despite spending over $1.5 million in the primary – outspending all his challengers and CPA better than 4 to 1 - Bachus only got 58% of the vote, an all-time low.

Just over 100,000 people voted – only a third of those who cast ballots in the general election. All it takes is a few more people casting a ballot in the 2014 primary, a serious challenger – and it’s bye bye Bachus.

You can make it happen – it’s easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Register to vote at your county Board of Elections. The district includes the counties of Chilton, Bibb and Shelby, and parts of St. Clair, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, and Coosa counties.

    It’s an open primary. It doesn’t matter if you register as an independent, Republican or Democrat - you can cast a ballot in the Republican primary.
  2. Take the Primary Pledge and vote in the 2014 primary.
  3. Put a few dollars in the Bye Bye Bachus kitty to retire the ethically challenged congressman and CPA will run a campaign against him in 2014.
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